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10th Letter is my little studio in the digital world. Feel free to come ramble in my brain space, musing on whether we can wield spray cans, the written word, the viral video and countless creative tools to create a burning platform for the various social and sporting causes that are struggling to be heard.


10th Letter Agency

Musings on the state of Creativity, Marketing and Sport


The Numbness Zeitgeist

Apathy is the modern day disease. What do we stand for and how can we trigger an emotional response from the masses, without breaking too many of the rules?


Digging for Windows

Imagine if - in a world of digital and info overload - there was a way to cut through, captivate, and project an irresistable call-to-action?


Boredom Reversed v1.0

This is the challenge... can I get you interested in things that you never thought you would be..?


Change is possible.

The 10th Letter Agency story was founded on a desire to divert life away from the ordinary and explode into the vibrant. Along the way, there have been obstacles, challenges and successes.

Our journey exists to prove that the status quo can be challenged and the digital and social world demystified. There’s a whole new language to be learned in this digital era and we can tackle it together.

 In this studio, we explore topics about changing careers, sports marketing, social media, health & fitness and more.

Come us on the 10th Letter Agency journey and learn how you too can craft, create and be the change!

“Learn a new language and get a new soul” – Goethe

Sports Marketing

Follow a digital and sports marketing career change journey, as it unfolds.

Stumble over pot-holes and emerge into the vibrant, challenging and wonderful world of sports marketing in the digital epoch.

Digital Marketing

In the social and marketing world, there are copycats and then there’s the real, impactful deal. We can change our language and start captivating clouded brain spaces.

Pop junkets on the trends and following ideas from great minds. What works and what’s just an identity crisis?

Sport & Fitness

Not just for fitness conscious, jocks or the elite.

Broadening the audience and movement of sport to the wider populace.

10th Letter Blog & Articles

August 10, 2017

Helping our sponsors tell their story

As a marketer on the receiving end of sponsorship dollars, how do we keep the sponsor happy, without impacting our own brand?

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July 30, 2017

How to move away from pirate mode on social media

What happens when a company’s tone and social voice chips and changes based on who’s picked up the pen?

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