Parkour was never invented by anyone, it's always been here.

Sébastien FoucanFounder of freerunning and an early developer of parkour.

There is no shroud of mystery behind the 10th Letter Agency.

Just a one person band, fuelled by a shapeshifting imagination and surrounded by a diverse community.

My project is both simple and complex. It wants to blend insights, news, interviews, pop junkets and humour all onto a revolving hub that looks at the creative state of Altruism, Marketing and Sport.

Clearly my passion topics.

The written word is my instrument of choice.

Are you game enough to dive in deeper..? If yes, then slide your cursor south…


Mindset #1

Think broad. Live deep.

Stay on the prowl for new gigs, trends and cool stuff, but resist the temptation to just say, “I’ve done that” or “I was there”.

Like many, I love my sport & fitness, to conjure words and to travel. However, I prefer to be focussed in my passions. When I find something really hits the rips me up, I dedicate myself to achieving mastery. These days it’s tennis and FlowRiding. Once upon a time, it was bouldering.

I travel to learn and sniff out any trail that can be hiked.

All Court Play

Mindset #2

In tennis, there are aggressive baseliners, serve-volleyers and a few other types of strategies. An all-court player is someone who is comfortable in all areas, be it rushing the net or punching from the baseline, and thus keeps their opponent guessing from point-to-point.

I think you get the analogy that I’m pulling here.

This author has been able to take on many guises in her career – from large scale project management, negotiating multi-million dollar deals, to crowd control at a football club in the English Championship League, to various volunteer and sporting roles.

It’s all part of a sweet balance – knowing what you’re good at, and then pitching it out there, so that you continually grow, give and live life to the fullest.


Mindset #3

It’s an odd world we live in – where we have access to so much content and media, are told that we can be whoever we want to, yet simultaneously get crowded into a boxed assortment of social-acceptance candies.

It’s not easy to stand out. It’s impossible to know how many layers there are in the blindfold. However, I believe the adventure is worth the effort of the hunt.

No doubt, this website will start off as a bit of a quirky, meandering mess.

It is however, my playground, where I get to explore, be creative and hopefully entice some of you guys reading along and get you interested in some of the topics.

Sit back. Come along for the ride and thanks for visiting..!

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