I stepped into a social media posting KPI puddle. Two posts a day, minimum. That’s 730 posts a year.

I asked where this metric rained from and no one could point to any identifiable cloud.

My other KPI is engagement. So essentially, I need to come up with two daily Christmas crackers of creativity – likeable, shareable and preferably viral – as well as carry out other aspects of a marketing day job.

No matter how much I love diving into the deepest corners of my dark, twisted, lavender scented brain – I have my limitations. At times I feel like sinner, culpable of killing off the art of brevity.

There are all sorts of studies telling us how often we should ideally post each day. A oft cited collation of stats suggest a minimum of three Facebook posts per week, averaging one daily (between 1-4PM). Instagram is touted to be a rough 1.5 post daily affair. You can even Tweet on average 15 times!

What everyone else does… do the opposite.

All this metric talk seems to raise a freakish question. Have we lost sight of the point of why we’re communicating at all?

As I drove into work this morning, getting high on the fumes of the speeding lanes of creativity, I was listening to episode 193 of the This Old Marketing podcast. The rants and raving session mused over whether the “rented world” of social media worth all the investment.

We’re playing social media in someone else’s playground and we don’t own the rules or algorithms. When the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of these kids start demanding money to get heard, you lose your voice.

Social media is definitely a lot of fun. Sure it’s all about business too, but I’d hate to lose the quirky, spontaneous and human side to it.

Right now, I’m focused on smashing the engagement targets for those two daily posts, but I’m keeping a firm eye on how the rules of the game are changing.

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