Here’s to a crash course in freedom, with no guidebook.

Drink up, friends.

Empty glass down. Now the task begins.

Whether in a job on the corporate ladder, or stepped off it for the time being like I have, there are some ground rules for living-not-just-existing, for kick-starting personal projects, and for realising latent ambitions.

I’m days out from redundancy and I’ve set about on a venture.

I’d like to dedicate my energy, into the task of propelling the themes of sporting and philanthropic causes into the sphere of the fun, entertaining and engaging.

The link between these topics – other than being my passion points – is that they reside in the realm of connecting humanity in moments of friendship and empathy.

Such enriching aspects of being alive, yet so many of us neglect to be a part of it.

I get it, because I was part of the rat race too. For the vast majority of us, we don’t seem to have the time to invest. We’re lost and stressed enough, amidst the overload of information and responsibilities that cloud our lives.

Sport isn’t just for the born-with-it athlete. Philanthropy isn’t just for the soft-soul with green blood running their veins. But the key is making these topics fun and engaging. Surely, this is where marketing and the viral world of the media come into play.


I got skills, you got tricks.

I’d love for you to come join me on the journey. So where do we start?

1. Check your baggage

I love this phrase. It cuts to the chase.

Life’s too short to harbour resentment and hold grudges. Bad for the heart and changes nada.

Came across the site Emotional Baggage Check, which gives you a choice to sling your baggage and “Check It” or help “Carry It” for someone else.

2. Networking the second lung

It’s just like breathing apparently. Three seconds inhale and double the exhale. So give more than you take, and that should be the motto of life.

Contacting someone when you need them just isn’t the way to go.

If in doubt, compare the challenge faced by the Muslim gentleman who blindfolded himself in the middle of Paris, post the Bataclan massacre in 2015 and asked, “I trust you, do you trust me?”

3. Figure something out

Daily recovery isn’t limited to finding time for a book or a glass of wine. Stretching your mind is oddly therapeutic.

So go on, learn to skateboard.

4. Declutter the Digital and Physical worlds

Clean up the email and leave nothing in the inbox.

Get your LinkedIn profile up to scratch.

Observe the rules of minimalism.

We as a culture, have lost our minds” – Frank Mascia

Don’t bother with instructions. Hell don’t even watch the movie. The trailer’s sufficient… just do it.

5. Dogs can laugh too

So should we. Check out this short vid loaded by Xenome via YouTube

The scene’s set. Time for Act 1.

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