What is bravery? How do you measure it?

Yesterday’s Mumbrella article on whether clients need to be more brave, focussed on the agency v client perspective. However, it’s a question I face as an in-house marketer.

The viewpoint that resonated most with me, was that of Dylan Taylor.

Clients don’t need to be brave when there is clear direction and trust. It’s that simple.

Dylan TaylorCreative partner, The Dylan Agency

I may appear as a risk taker – from leaving my successful career behind to pursue a new one, to taking on what some may consider “extreme sports”, such as Flowriding, Parkour or bouldering. But the honest truth is that I’m fairly risk averse.

It comes down to having direction and self-awareness. If you’re confident as a human, an individual or as a brand, then the concept of “bravery” doesn’t even need definition.

New skills – strategies, marketing, leadership, tennis – take time to master. Trust, focus, direction will get us there.

It is fair for a business to frown upon anything that’s not “on-brand”, whilst wanting content that will “go viral”. The two concepts are not necessarily mutually exclusive. But the very desire to aim for this, and wanting it in a short time scale, raises questions in of itself.

Are the brand guidelines too restrictive to accommodate the “brave” content that people lap up? Is viral really something to aspire towards?

My approach to new methods of creating content is also textured with a risk-safety dynamic. I think risk adds vitality to everything, be it life, work or a company brand.

It works best where there is an air of trust, clear direction and confidence. When bravery just is.

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